New changes for my Booktube channel… #booktube #bookcommunity #romancereader

So I posted a short video discussing new changes I would like to bring to my Booktube channel. I love reading will forever include reading as part of daily lifestyle but I wanted to incorporate other things. Check out my video and let me know what you think.

Finally going back to writing my novel… #authortube #writingcommunity #writerslife

I participated in camp nanowrimo in April it really motivated me to start writing my novel again. I did a live write sprint on my YouTube channel just to stay accountable. It was my first time doing this but I think as time goes on I’ll get better and won’t be so nervous. Down below in the video to my live writing sprint, check it out and let me know how I did.

A Girl Named Rainbow By Krystaelynne Sanders Diggs| #bookreview #netgalley #agirlnamedtainbow

My thoughts/ review:

This is a really cute uplifting children’s book about a little girl named Rainbow and how she one day doesn’t like her name because she keeps getting teased at school. Her mom helps her change her mind about her name and helps her to love the name she was given. This book was done really well I loved illustrations and how colorful and bright they were. I believe this book can help young children with self esteem issues as well as self love. I think young children need more books like this, especially when the media is telling young kids to be and act a certain way instead of learning to love themselves.

Rating: 4.75 ⭐

*I would like to thank netgalley, the publisher, and the author for allowing me to read this book for my honest review**


Home.Girl.Hood. By Ebony Stewart |#bookreview #netgally #ebonystewart

My thoughts / review:

This is a collection of poetry that is yet powerful but is much needed. Ebony Stewart talked about being a black woman especially an “around the way girl” she spoke about growing up and sex, as well LGBTQ. There was so much the author talked about I felt she was talking to me directly as if we were good friends. Mostly everything I could relate to.

The author spoke from her heart and soul. And I believe as a reader I felt her words. This collection is something I will be re-reading many times over It was that good. Although I feel a lot of black women will understand where the author is coming from and can relate to it the most, just about anyone can read this collection of poetry and get a feel and true understanding of what Ebony Stewart went through and has faced.

Overall I absolutely loved this! *Thank you to Netgally, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read and review this book for my own honest opinion*

Rating: 5🌟


And Every Morning The Way Home Gets Longer And Longer By Fredrik Backman | #bookreview #fredrikbackman #novella

My thoughts/ review:

This is my first Fredrik Backman book and I decided to go with this one. It’s basically a short novella about Noah’s grandpa losing his memory and dying. In the wake of Noah’s memory loss his grandpa See’s his son Ted when he was a young boy and gets him confused with his grandson Noah. He also sees he late wife who passed earlier on. The old man is trying to remember and reflect on what seems the best memories he had with his family, and he is holding on to that.

I actually really enjoyed reading this I also liked the artwork in the story which gave this novella a nice touch. In the near future I would like to read more of this author’s work since I enjoyed reading his shorter book.

Rating: 4⭐


Unlock Your Storybook Heart by Amanda Lovelace | #bookreview #netgally #amandalovelace

My thoughts/ review:

*Thank you to Netgally, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read and review for an honest review*

I always loved Amanda Lovelace writing and poetry. She writes the words of how I personally feel most times. Her words are real and raw and not sugarcoated. In this collection the author speaks about mental health, self care, trying to love yourself, self acceptance, not allowing a failed relationship to ruin you or take over your life. This is a collection I can definitely see myself re reading many times. I like how the author uses slight magical realism within her poetry it makes it that more fun to read.

Lastly I know when it comes to poetry it’s very personal for every reader, simply because each reader can feel different things while reading. I always say there is no right or wrong to poetry because it’s so personal and raw from the author as the reader can intercept it differently from person to person.

I loved this and I plan to buy my own copy to support the author. Amanda Lovelace’s writing is real and her words resonate with me.

Rating: 5⭐


April TBR 2022

So for the month of April I decided to have a color spinner wheel decide what I read. I typically don’t do TBR because I always found them hard to stick to, but I really want to start reading more of the books I own so that’s where the spin wheel came into play.

One of the spin wheel choice

I decided to choose 5 books, so that’s 5 spins on the wheel and for the month I’ll try my best to read what was picked out for me.

April TBR picks

Synopsis to my tbr picks:






I also have like 2-3 other books that I already started that will be included in April’s TBR as a way for me to finish them. I have some planned ARCs I need to get to as well this month. So wish me luck this month will be busy for me but I’m looking to get as much reading done as I can.

Happy Reading 😊

Xoxo Nikki🤎

Hey, Kiddo By Jarrett Krosoczka| #BookReview #memoir

My thoughts/ review:

Hey Kiddo is a graphic memoir about the author’s life growing up. He talks heavily about the absent of his mother and her being addicted to drugs. He was raised by his grandparents while his mother was in and out of his life.

Jarrett Krosoczka picked up a big talent and that was drawing, that all he wanted to do with his life was draw and paint and he was very good at it.

Throughout the story I felt all kinds of emotions for Jarrett and his situation. But in the end he remained strong and positive and didn’t fall down the same path as his mother. He had a dream of going to college and making something of himself, which he did. 

This story is inspiring and encouraging and I enjoyed the positive ending, the artwork was cool as well.

Overall I enjoyed reading this story.


Let me know if you read this graphic novel and what did you think of it?

Xoxo Nikki🤎

Watch “🎂 Birthday Book Haul📚 #bookhaul #romancebooktuber #booktube” on YouTube

I just had my birthday this past February 20th and it’s always a big blessing to see another year and spend it with people I love and care about. But one thing I wanted most out of all my gifts (which I enjoyed just as well) we’re more books. So I did a quick video of a birthday book haul of all the books I got and sharing why I chose them. I’m excited to be getting to them very soon. And having these new books have definitely put me into a big reading mood. Hope you enjoy the video let me know if you are interested in any of the books I mentioned or if you read of these.

Xoxo Nikki🤎

Wash Day Diaries by Jamila Rowser & Robyn Smith | #netgalley #washdaydiaries #bookreview

Wash Day Diaries sums up what I and I would say most black women with natural hair go through. I love the highlights on the struggle it is to take care of our natural hair yet, the time and care we also put into it.

I loved the characters they to represented what real sisterhood is. They stuck together, loved and supported each other. I loved that this story showed that we as black women need to start lifting each other up and not keep tearing us down over crazy insignificant things that don’t matter. 

I feel this story showed respect and power something that has always been taking away from black women. Absolutely loved this!

5 ⭐

***Thanks to netgalley and the publishers for allowing to read and review this**