And Every Morning The Way Home Gets Longer And Longer By Fredrik Backman | #bookreview #fredrikbackman #novella

My thoughts/ review:

This is my first Fredrik Backman book and I decided to go with this one. It’s basically a short novella about Noah’s grandpa losing his memory and dying. In the wake of Noah’s memory loss his grandpa See’s his son Ted when he was a young boy and gets him confused with his grandson Noah. He also sees he late wife who passed earlier on. The old man is trying to remember and reflect on what seems the best memories he had with his family, and he is holding on to that.

I actually really enjoyed reading this I also liked the artwork in the story which gave this novella a nice touch. In the near future I would like to read more of this author’s work since I enjoyed reading his shorter book.

Rating: 4⭐


Rules of The Friend-Zone By Kat Baxter | #BookReview

My Thoughts/ Review:

This is a “Read Me Romance” podcast book that I chose randomly. I told myself I wanted to start reading the books from the podcast this year, so I just chose this to start with.
This Piper and Dylan’s story. Piper and Dylan are best friends have been since the early years of college. They both love each other but don’t want to cross that line and potentially ruin their friendship.
I enjoyed the ending to this story it was nice HEA and overall a sweet story. I like that the story mentioned a snowstorm because at the time of me reading this the north east in the US is experiencing snow and cold weather so I feel this story fit right in.
In the end I rate this a 4.5⭐ it was nice and cute and with a good ending.

Synopsis to Rules of the Friend-Zone:RULES OF THE FRIENDZONE

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I Recently Bought some Books…

So I typically don’t buy too many physical books, or least I haven’t been in the last year or so. But this month I really wanted some new books and wanted to treat myself. I got my books from Target and from Barnes and Nobles. All the books I picked are new to me so I don’t know much about them but still wanted to try them out.

Down below is my recorded book haul video. Check it out and let me know which books I should start next for January.

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Watch “My Reading Slump is Over, So I bought Some Books – Book Haul” on YouTube

Hey 👋🏽 everyone it’s been a while. I needed to take a break from everything so, now I’m back and wanted to do a book haul of my recent books I bought. I will be posting a lot more now that I have motivation.

Let me know what you think, have you read any of the books I talked about in the video?