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I participated in camp nanowrimo in April it really motivated me to start writing my novel again. I did a live write sprint on my YouTube channel just to stay accountable. It was my first time doing this but I think as time goes on I’ll get better and won’t be so nervous. Down below in the video to my live writing sprint, check it out and let me know how I did.

A Girl Named Rainbow By Krystaelynne Sanders Diggs| #bookreview #netgalley #agirlnamedtainbow

My thoughts/ review:

This is a really cute uplifting children’s book about a little girl named Rainbow and how she one day doesn’t like her name because she keeps getting teased at school. Her mom helps her change her mind about her name and helps her to love the name she was given. This book was done really well I loved illustrations and how colorful and bright they were. I believe this book can help young children with self esteem issues as well as self love. I think young children need more books like this, especially when the media is telling young kids to be and act a certain way instead of learning to love themselves.

Rating: 4.75 ⭐

*I would like to thank netgalley, the publisher, and the author for allowing me to read this book for my honest review**


And Every Morning The Way Home Gets Longer And Longer By Fredrik Backman | #bookreview #fredrikbackman #novella

My thoughts/ review:

This is my first Fredrik Backman book and I decided to go with this one. It’s basically a short novella about Noah’s grandpa losing his memory and dying. In the wake of Noah’s memory loss his grandpa See’s his son Ted when he was a young boy and gets him confused with his grandson Noah. He also sees he late wife who passed earlier on. The old man is trying to remember and reflect on what seems the best memories he had with his family, and he is holding on to that.

I actually really enjoyed reading this I also liked the artwork in the story which gave this novella a nice touch. In the near future I would like to read more of this author’s work since I enjoyed reading his shorter book.

Rating: 4⭐


Watch “🎂 Birthday Book Haul📚 #bookhaul #romancebooktuber #booktube” on YouTube

I just had my birthday this past February 20th and it’s always a big blessing to see another year and spend it with people I love and care about. But one thing I wanted most out of all my gifts (which I enjoyed just as well) we’re more books. So I did a quick video of a birthday book haul of all the books I got and sharing why I chose them. I’m excited to be getting to them very soon. And having these new books have definitely put me into a big reading mood. Hope you enjoy the video let me know if you are interested in any of the books I mentioned or if you read of these.

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From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun by Jacqueline Woodson | #bookreview #blackauthors #bipoc #lgbt

My Thoughts/Review:

I really enjoyed this. This story dives deep into family and what family can really be, also talks about sexuality. Melanin Sun aka Mel is a 13 year old boy living in Brooklyn NY with is mom who he is really close with. In the story Mel’s mom (EC) tells him that she is gay and this changes everything for Mel.

He wonders what his friends, his neighborhood, and even the girl that he likes will think of him. At this point Mel hates his mom for being gay and and wishes it wasn’t true. 

Mel learnes that he can still be there for his mom even though she is gay he just will have to adjust which will take some time.

This story focused on the what family is and who your real friends are and just not caring what other people who really don’t matter have to say.

Mel enjoys writing in his notes books personal things and to help him get though all the new changes he writes.

Good story. I like that this was a challenging topic especially for teenagers.

Rating: 4.75⭐

Let me know if you read anything by Jacqueline Woodson 😉

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You Don’t Even Know Me by Sharon G Flake | #blackauthors #weneeddiversebooks #bipoc

My thoughts/review:

This was a really good collection of short stories. The author wrote 10 different short stories about young black boys and different situations in their lives. 

Some stories dealt with girls, living in the hood, dealing with violence, hiv, and sexual abuse. The author brought topics that I believe young boys growing up deal with and have a hard time talking about with older people.

Although this is considered a YA I enjoyed reading this and should be required reading for kids in middle school at least. I always feel Sharon Flake can turn realistic situations and make them more understandable for the reader to not be so judgemental.

As a mother to a 3rd grade boy I want to share this book with him and be able to talk to him about the different subjects that are presented. This I feel can be a great tool for parents.

Rating: 4.5 ⭐ synopsis for YOU DONT EVEN KNOW ME

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Pretty Human by Ruby Dixion | #bookreview #romancereader

My thoughts/ review:

So I’m starting down a long rabbit hole of reading all of Ruby Dixion’s books, and I have to say I’m enjoying myself. This my second book read by her and I liked the world the author has created. 

This Varrik and Milly’s story how how they met. Milly was kidnapped from earth and forced to be a slave to blue horned alliens. She is given as gift to leader and ruler Varrik. Varrik seems to treat her differently than the other alliens. He is showing that he cares for Milly.

In the story Varrik keeps Milly by his side and eventually tells her how he feels about her. Although being on a strange planet and speaking a different language for Milly she is trying to make the best of it. She ends of falling for Varrik as well.

In the end they have their HEA and get married and move to another planet where they start a new life.

I really enjoyed this in my mind I was rooting for both Milly and Varrik to be together without consequences especially since Varrik is the ruler of his planet and has so many laws to abide by.

After reading this novella I plan to continue on in the ice planet series.

Rating: 4.5 ⭐

Let me know if you read any of Ruby Dixion’s Books? Synopsis for PRETTY HUMAN

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Watch “Quick chat + January Recently Read #romancereader #romancebooktuber #booktube” on YouTube

I recently posted a video on my YouTube channel discussing the books I read for the month of January, plus my February reading. I also discuss other things that are happening in the month of February.

Let me know how your January reading Wrapup went

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Soft Magic by Upile Chisala | #bookreview

My Thoughts/ Review:

This was a beautiful book of poetry. All about what it’s like being a black woman and the things we do on the daily. We love, give, help, educate but black women still aren’t recognized like they should be. 

The author also talks about self love and self care. Something on the journey of doing for myself. She also mentioned about not putting a man before yourself. Something I often see way more than I should. She says to love him from a distance but still not lose yourself in the process. We a woman not just black women can get caught up in relationship that it tends to control everything in our life. 

The author talked about putting yourself in first; love yourself. I strongly believe more women need to hear this. We do a lot with out children, work, school, family, ect and it’s time we take time for ourselves.

This was a nice fast paced poetry book and I enjoyed the author’s writing.

Rating: 5⭐

Synopsis for SOFT MAGIC

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Grading Curves by Naima Simone |#Bookreview #romancereader

My Thoughts/Review:

This is a Read me romance podcast novella. I really enjoyed reading this story, this is the story of Nikki and Dean. Nikki is just trying to start brand new with a new job in a new town. She walks into a tattoo shop to get a tattoo for saying goodbye to her old life and old way of being.

She meets Dean her tattoo artist and they immediately have an attraction. They end up meeting again when Dean start classes at college not knowing Nikki is his professor.

This was a fun teacher -student story that actually seemed realistic. It was fun to know more of a background of Nikki as well as Dean on their issues outside of them wanting to be together.

I will definitely be reading more from this author.

My rating: 4.75 ⭐

Click for Synopsis: GRADING CURVES

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