December Reading Wrapup 2021

In the video below I discuss the books I read in the month of December 2021. I talk a little bit about the books as well as give a star rating. Let me know if you have read these books that I mentioned and share what you thought. Also I have written reviews on these books on my blogs if you would like more details on my thoughts and reviews.

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#BookReview | Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

My Thoughts/ Review:

This was my first sci-fi romance and I have to say I actually enjoyed it. I put off reading this because I felt I wouldn’t like it, mainly because it’s so hyped up right now and I can see why.

This is about a woman named Georgie who is basically kidnapped on a spaceship with other woman she doesn’t know. She doesn’t know how she got there or where she is going all she know is she is surrounded by little green men that has full control over her and the other girls.

In the book Georgie is basically taken by a big blue guy with horns and tail ..his name is Vektal and he is obsessed with Georgie. He wants to make sure she and protected and wants to make sure while she is living on this ice planet that she is happy.

I liked how imaginative the story was and just how different it was too. The author made it easy to under the world and words to describe other elements of the world. I can definitely see myself reading more into this series. 

4.5 ⭐


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Surviving Home By Katerina Canyon | Book Review

Concisely arresting and challenging the beliefs of family and the fantasies of tradition, the poems in Surviving Home show that home is a place that you endure rather than a place where you are nurtured. With unyielding cadence and unparalleled sadness and warmth, Katerina Canyon contemplates the prejudice and limitations buried in a person’s African American heritage: parents that seem to care for you with one hand and slap you with the other, the secret desires to be released from the daily burdens of life, as well as the surprising ways a child chooses to amuse herself. Finding resilience in the unexpected, this collection tears down the delicate facades of family.


This collection of poems was the most honest collection I have read in a while. The author dives deep into her life and touches on topics such as her family, sexual abuse, her life growing up, and political opinions.

Reading this made me feel a real close connection to the author, as if she was telling me something private yet something that needed to heard. The author seems to not hold back on her thoughts about current events. I liked that she is using her voice to talk about important topics such as political power, abuse, and home life.

I liked how this collection of poetry was written. It’s not like like today’s instagram poetry but more like what I grew up reading when I was in school and I appreciate that, a lot. This is something I can see myself reading again and referencing  back to. I took my time reading this because I knew from the first page it was going to be an important read.

Rating 4.75 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

**I want to thank the publisher for sending me this to read and review. This review and opinions are of my own.This comes out December 2021**

Sheets By Brenna Thummler | Book Review

The Office Party By Whitney G. | Book Review


I can’t believe that I pulled my boss’s name for our company’s annual Secret Santa tradition…

As the devil incarnate, this infuriating, cocky bastard never gives us the holidays off, and he honestly expects us to be grateful for his generous alternative: The Office Party.

It’s a mandatory, all-expenses trip for two weeks at a surprise luxury resort—where we still have to work twelve to fifteen hours a day.

I’m so over this…

So, I put zero percent effort into his gift. I tear the tag off whatever my sister gifts me, add a five-dollar amazon gift card, and hand it off to him.

It’s not until my sister sends me a text that I realize how terrible of a decision that was.

Georgia: Why haven’t you sent me a ‘LOL’ about the brand-new vibrator I got you? I really do hope that you use your boss’s face as a muse, like my note says. 🙂

If that’s not bad enough, this year’s “luxury trip” will be in my hometown–the place I’ve avoided for years. At the resort that my grandmother owns…

If the universe gets me out of this, I will never ‘regift’ anything ever again..

Book Review:

I enjoyed this, I liked the banter between Savannah and Garrett. Savannah works at a big company with a stuck up boss. Savannah just deals with it because Garrett is her boss but she feels she doesn’t have to like him.

It’s around Christmas time and savannah has Garrett’s name for a secret Santa. And she feels yet another yet she is tied to this man she doesn’t care for, she just wants to do her job and go home. 

Garrett is basically sending so many messages to savannah that he wants her and will be with her. But savannah still sees him as her boss. Even though she starts to feel some of the same feelings as Garrett later on.

This was my first book by this author and I liked her writing. I read this for the black author readathon 2021.

Rating: 4⭐⭐⭐⭐

Claudia and mean Janine Baby sitters club # 7 by Ann M Martin| Book Review


Claudia’s participation in the Baby-sitters Club is curtailed when Grandmother Mimi suffers a stroke and Claudia finds herself “Mimi-sitting” and fighting more frequently with her sister.


This year I’m going back to my childhood reading some of the babysitters club books. I always enjoyed Claudia she was one of my favorite characters, she always seemed so much older and mature for her age.

The babysitters club # 7 is basically about Claudia taking on more responsibility caring for her grandmother Mimi after she had a stroke. Her big sister Janine always looks down at Claudia and doesnt think what she does as far her job being a babysitter and things she does after school is worth it.

I listened to this on audio book and the narrator did a great job with all the characters. I’m glad I decided to listen to the books this time around for my re read.
Good story. 3 ⭐

Rating: 3 ⭐⭐⭐

Sign On By AshleyNicole #BookReview


It’s raining, it’s pouring– Wait, nobody’s snoring. They’re in the bed, or on the couch, or maybe the counter… and will definitely have a good morning.

Elsy’s sad because her work husband disappeared. He pops back up, and the weather isn’t the only thing churning.


Sign On: Nights Like This by AshleyNicole

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sign On is such a good read and a good start to a series. Elyse works for this corporate company with a jerk for a boss. Elyse enjoys IM’ing the IT guy, North to pass the time. But for two weeks straight she doesn’t hear from him and assume he got laid off from the IT department.

North basically had plans to come to Elyse department and meet her. After they met North invites Elyse on a date to get to know each other more. 

This was such a cute story and I really want to read the whole series. It’s something about this story that felt right, it’s sexy and fun and mysterious. I’m definitely reading this whole series.

Sign On is so sexy North is bae forreal.


Long Way Down By Jason Reynolds | Book Review


An ode to Put the Damn Guns Down, this is New York Times bestseller Jason Reynolds’s fiercely stunning novel that takes place in sixty potent seconds—the time it takes a kid to decide whether or not he’s going to murder the guy who killed his brother.

A cannon. A strap.
A piece. A biscuit.
A burner. A heater.
A chopper. A gat.
A hammer
A tool
for RULE

Or, you can call it a gun. That’s what fifteen-year-old Will has shoved in the back waistband of his jeans. See, his brother Shawn was just murdered. And Will knows the rules. No crying. No snitching. Revenge. That’s where Will’s now heading, with that gun shoved in the back waistband of his jeans, the gun that was his brother’s gun. He gets on the elevator, seventh floor, stoked. He knows who he’s after. Or does he? As the elevator stops on the sixth floor, on comes Buck. Buck, Will finds out, is who gave Shawn the gun before Will took the gun. Buck tells Will to check that the gun is even loaded. And that’s when Will sees that one bullet is missing. And the only one who could have fired Shawn’s gun was Shawn. Huh. Will didn’t know that Shawn had ever actually USED his gun. Bigger huh. BUCK IS DEAD. But Buck’s in the elevator? Just as Will’s trying to think this through, the door to the next floor opens. A teenage girl gets on, waves away the smoke from Dead Buck’s cigarette. Will doesn’t know her, but she knew him. Knew. When they were eight. And stray bullets had cut through the playground, and Will had tried to cover her, but she was hit anyway, and so what she wants to know, on that fifth floor elevator stop, is, what if Will, Will with the gun shoved in the back waistband of his jeans, MISSES.

And so it goes, the whole long way down, as the elevator stops on each floor, and at each stop someone connected to his brother gets on to give Will a piece to a bigger story than the one he thinks he knows. A story that might never know an END…if WILL gets off that elevator.

Told in short, fierce staccato narrative verse, Long Way Down is a fast and furious, dazzlingly brilliant look at teenage gun violence, as could only be told by Jason Reynolds.

Book Review


Long Way DownLong Way Down by Jason Reynolds
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

(November 2020)
I re-read this story for the first time in three years and I still love this book. I feel like I have developed a soft spot for this story. This time I listened to the audiobook and I loved this story a lot more the second time around. Great story, great poetry. Always a
5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ read!

(November 2017)
Jason Reynolds is an amazing writer! He was able to take something so real and sensitive and add his cool take and approach to magical realism. 

I went in to this book not knowing what it really was about. I just knew that Jason Reynolds wrote it and I knew I’ll end up liking it. So the story is about Will and Will’s big brother Shawn getting killed and the story unravels from there. 

As I was reading I couldn’t decipher what was real and what wasn’t. It was making me crazy in a way, but in a good way. Certain parts in the book were very eerie and had me thinking about it all through the night. I strongly believe if a book can have me think the way Long Way Down did is a winner in my eyes. 

Jason Reynolds uses verse and poetry to help make this powerful story come to life. His writing style is amazing and grabs my attention from the start. 

I won’t lie towards end of the story I think I shed a few tears because the story was so beautiful and real and most importantly honest. I think anyone who loves Jason Reynold’s work would love this book and people who love books written in verse.

Long Way Down had so many elements that made me think, this is definitely something I’ll be re-reading very soon. And lastly of I love how Jason added his own touch to magical realism within the story. This needs to be a motion picture movie soon that’s how much I loved and enjoyed it!

Over Time By Moon Bey | Book Review

A wise man once said unrequited love is like cyanide in a styrofoam cup. For the first time in almost two decades, Natasha is ready to kick her most deep-rooted habit.

Natasha became infatuated with Arielle the second she learned what love was. Always eager to please, Natasha knew Arielle would have no choice but to become hers.


4 Stars 

Over Time was something and it was so real too. This is about Natasha having feeling for Arielle, but Arielle seems take Natasha for granted and she seems like she doesn’t care. Arielle believes she can have her ass kissed by Natasha and Natasha will always be there. 

Natasha is pretty much over being treated like trash and wants more from a friendship and relationship. I’m kinda salty with how Natasha handles situations. She hurt Grey to once again be with Arielle. It’s like it’s a game no one knows what they want.

Moon Bey doesn’t disappoint I enjoy her writing and she has become a favorite of mines. Great story.


Zikora By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie | Book Review




When Zikora, a DC lawyer from Nigeria, tells her equally high-powered lover that she’s pregnant, he abandons her. But it’s Zikora’s demanding, self-possessed mother, in town for the birth, who makes Zikora feel like a lonely little girl all over again. Shunned by the speed with which her ideal life fell apart, Zikora turns to reflecting on her mother’s painful past and struggle for dignity. Preparing for motherhood, Zikora begins to see more clearly what her own mother wants for her, for her new baby, and for herself.


4 Stars 

Zikora is a strong well written short story. Chimamanda always does an amazing job with story telling. This story is about a Nigerian woman living in Washington DC and works as a lawyer. She gets pregnant by a man she with and he leaves her. Zikora has to navigate being pregnant by herself, the pain, being sick the uncertainty of having a father less child.

Once Zikora gives birth she’s very protective of her child but still has hope that the man who got her pregnant will be there for her and her baby. The guy doesn’t want nothing to do with Zikora or the child. And it’s set in her mind that her child will have to go through what she went through not having one parent around when a child needs two parents.

I enjoyed this quick short story it definitely helped me and my reading slump. Zikora does give me a lot to think about.